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Skylight Repairs Tipperary

If you have an issue with your skylights or roof windows, our specialists can help. We offer repairs, new installations and replacements on all types of skylights in Tipperary.

Skylight Repairs Tipperary

Skylight Repairs & Installations Tipperary

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When you need to have your skylight or attic window repaired or replaced in Tipperary, call Curragh Roofing and Guttering. Our attic window repair services area designed to cater for the needs of both commercial and residential customers.

We provide the highest quality work regardless of the size of the job. We use the finest roofing material to ensure you get the best look, durability and reliability from your skylight or roof windows.

If your skylight has a leak, we will check the edges to see if the seal is still tight. If it is starting to peel away or leak, replacing the sealant is generally the easiest and most affordable option. If that does not work, then the leak might be in the roof around the skylight, and getting both the sealant, tiles and lead flashing around the skylight replaced will most likely work.

If the skylight is not properly sealed to the roof, it can lead to moisture / water ingress in your home. The right fasteners should be used and sealing properly applied to guarantee long-term durability and water tightness.

Skylights are a great addition to your home, adding light and fresh air. They should be taken care of and maintained—and if you notice a leak, we can help.

Along with skylight repairs, we provide repairs to roofs and chimney repairs in Tipperary.

To learn more or to book a free estimate, call our skylight repair and installation specialists in Tipperary on 062 86782.

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